Wow! This is what happens one week after you stick a rose stalk into a potato!

rose stalk potato

Apparently you can grow an entire rose bush in less than no time!

Who doesn’t love a bunch of flowers brightening up their living space? A beautiful bouquet can certainly make you happier. The downside is that flowers aren’t cheap and only last a few days before you have to throw them away. So why not grow your own flowers? With this trick growing your own bush of roses becomes incredibly easy.

Happy and healthy

We absolutely love a bunch of flowers. They smell amazing, give a romantic touch to your home and even have unique health benefits! The beautiful hydrangea, for example, can prevent headaches and dry eyes. Even your mental health can be improved by looking at your colourful flowers and plants. We can definitely say that flowers keep us happy and healthy, but buying yourself a fresh bouquet every week can be somewhat pricey. So why not you grow them in your own garden? It’s easier than you might think!

No green thumb needed

Growing your own flowers doesn’t have to be burdensome. No green thumb needed for a beautiful garden full of roses! With this amazing tip, you’’ll always have fresh flowers to spruce up your home. The only things you need are one rose, a potato, a pot, potting soil and a plastic bottle. Wait, a potato? Yes, that’s correct! You probably didn’t expect it, but it’s a potato that does the trick. Wondering how this all works? Continue reading and watch the video on the next page!

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