Traveling by airplane? 14 aviation facts you probably didn’t know yet

Pilot’s bathroom visit

Pilots, too, sometimes have to go to the bathroom and when that happens, the purser (the manager of the stewardesses and stewards) enters the cockpit. The purser does not return until the pilot is back in his seat, all this to ensure safety.

Dimmed lights during take-off and landing

When the aircraft takes off or lands, the lights are often dimmed. This too has its reason: this way the passengers’ eyes can get used to the darkness. In the event of an emergency, people can clearly see the emergency exit.

Opening the toilet

To ensure the safety of passengers, the toilet door in an aircraft can also be opened from the outside. If there’s a fight taking place or someone becomes unwell in the bathroom, the cabin crew can open the door from the outside without any problem. Often there is a mechanism behind the ‘no smoking’ sign that enables the door to be opened from the outside.

Eating during the flight

During a long flight it is only logical that you are served food, but besides filling your stomach, it also has another reason. Eating food also provides ‘entertainment’. When people have something to eat, they feel that time passes faster.

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Source: Desafío Mundial, Luchtvaart nieuws | Beeld: Unsplash