How do you write the letter “X”? This is what it says about your personality

The way you write an X says a lot about your personality

You can deduce a lot from a person’s handwriting, and some experts even use it to gauge a person’s personality! Your handwriting is just as unique as your fingerprint. This is significant, because we all learn to write in the same way in primary school, yet our handwriting develops afterwards, based on our personalities. Curious what your “X” says about you? Then read on.

Surprising that something so small can actually mean something.


This image, which shows different ways (or methods) of writing an X, was posted by Twitter user, @SMASEY. She made the image using arrows to indicate how to write the letter X. The colored line is the line you draw first, and the arrow indicates the direction. Which number are you? Look it up in the picture, then read further to see what it says about you.

Method 1

This is the complete opposite of how most people learn to write the letter X in elementary school, and indicates that you may not always be paying attention. You’re a dreamer and you’re often stuck in the past, instead of looking ahead.

Method 2

Do you write the X as drawn in Method 2? Then this means that you tend to get in your own way. Your behavior can be quite destructive, because you think you are worthless. Try to leave the past behind and remember: you are worth it!

Method 3

People who write the X as seen in number 3 are very rebellious and impulsive. They don’t think about their actions and are quick to blurt things out.

Method 4

When you write the X in this way, you look to the future. You want to move forward with your life, rather than be stuck in the past. You tend to look at the past to learn from it and prevent making the same mistakes again, but you don’t get stuck in it.

You can read what the other five ways say about you on page two.

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