Have you tried this yet? It’s incredible what happens when you pour half a liter of coke in the toilet bowl!

coke toilet

Coke can be used for your daily household chores

We all know coke as a sweet and dark colored soft drink, but it’s actually much more than just a beverage! It can be used to remove rust, for instance, or for getting that sticky chewing gum out of your hair. But have you tried pouring coke in the toilet bowl yet? You’ll see that it works miracles!

A little bit of history

The soft drink has been around for decades. It was invented back in the year 1886 – not by a food company, but by a pharmacist called John Pemberton. This first version of coke contained alcohol and was known as ‘Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.’ Because of an alcohol ban in Pemberton’s home town Atlanta, the pharmacist replaced the wine with sugar syrup. Later on, this syrup was mixed with carbonated water, and that’s how Coca-Cola came into existence!

Household uses

Nowadays, coke is available almost everywhere and enjoyed by millions all over the world. It’s not only popular because of its unique taste: the soda is also famous for its brilliant household uses. Strangely enough, coke can be used to clean your toilet. Watch the video on the next page to see how this works!

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