Wow! This TikTok hack makes slicing onions a lot easier

And you also get perfectly even pieces

In the past, handy cooking tips passed from generation to generation, and we learned everything from our mothers and grandmothers. Today, we have TikTok for our life hacks. Thanks to the platform, we found out how to actually eat pineapple, how to easily squeeze a lemon, and how to make the perfect fried egg sandwich. This time, we’ll share how to make slicing onions a lot easier. What would we do without TikTok!?

Teary eyes and falling apart

An onion makes almost any dish tastier, and therefore is a frequently used ingredient in the kitchen. However, cutting this vegetable remains a problem for many people. Chances are that it will make your eyes tear up, but luckily there are several tricks that allow you to cut onions without crying. Then you still have the problem that the vegetable always falls apart during cutting. This is very annoying, because most of us prefer to have the pieces all the same size. Well, that can be arranged with the following trick!

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