She dips a tea bag in a sink full of dirty dishes… You will too when you see why!

Greasy dishes

Most of us throw away our used tea bags, but you might want to save them after reading this! People who don’t own a dishwasher will particularly love this trick. Tea is perfect to combat grease, so a few tea bags come in handy when trying to clean dirty dishes. Tea will dissolve grease, making it much easier to clean your pots and pans.

Dirty dishes

The best way to attain clean dishes is to rinse them immediately after use. However, we all know that this doesn’t always happen. Who has time and energy to do that? You can try putting the dishes in a sink full of water to try and soak the food, but we’ve got a much smarter and quicker alternative: tea.


Are your dirty dishes particularly greasy? Fill your sink with hot water and put the dishes in the water. Add three tea bags to your sink filled with water (and your dishes) and leave it overnight. The next day, your dishes will be much easier to clean. Tea breaks down grease, so adding some tea bags to your dirty dishes will make sure they’re clean in no time! Cool trick, right?

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