Wow! This family makes a bizarre discovery about their missing father after 23 years


This disappearance has an unexpected ending!

In 1993, Linda Hoagland received a disturbing telephone call from her husband Richard; he had to be hospitalised urgently. However, he never arrived in hospital, and from one moment to the next there was no trace of Richard. It was like he went off the grid…

After the phone call, Linda and her sons Matthew (9) and Doug (6) never saw Richard again. Linda and her husband had been together for 11 years. Linda and her sons didn’t know what was happening: “He left us with nothing. We were devastated.” In 2003 Richard was officially declared dead. Linda went on with her life and remarried eventually. And then suddenly, 23 years after his disappearance, a bizarre discovery was made. Richard was not dead at all…

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