Murder, bodies and paranormal activity: Welcome to the Cecil Hotel

Please note: the videos in this article can be distressing.

Black Dahlia

Hotel guest Elizabeth Short also died near the Cecil Hotel’s premises. Reportedly she stayed at the hotel, or at least had a drink at the bar in 1947. She, too, was later found murdered and the case is still unsolved. Her body was found in Leimert Park in Los Angeles and was completely mutilated. Her body had been cut in half and her mouth had been cut open from ear to ear. After her death she was nicknamed Black Dahlia.

Elisa Lam

In 2013, another mysterious death took place. Canadian student Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the hotel. She had been missing for three weeks. She was found naked in the water tank, while all her belongings were floating around her. The authorities do not say it was murder, but critics assume otherwise. Authorities say that she drowned, but to this day it is not clear how Elisa found death and how she ended up in the tank with her belongings. After her death, a video appeared on the internet and went viral. The images show that Elisa entered the elevator behaving suspiciously. It looked as if she was afraid of someone. In the end she got out of the elevator and what happened after is unknown.

Paranormal activity

Until 2014, all murders and suicides were terrible, but human acts. However, this changed in 2014 when a young boy from California captured a ‘ghost’ on camera. There seems to be a transparent figure on the ledge of the window on the fourth floor. The boy who captured it claimed to have had several sleepless nights as a result.

Last death

The last body was found in the hotel in 2015. A man allegedly took his own life. Earlier, in 2011, the hotel tried to change its image by giving it another name: the Stay on Main Hotel. But did it really help? In any case, it isn’t helpful that a wall of the Stay on Main hotel is still painted with the name Cecil Hotel.

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