Pizza deliverers raise the alarm when they no longer get orders from their most loyal customer

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The man ordered food at Domino’s on a daily basis for ten years

A 48-year-old man from the American town of Salem (Oregon) ordered food from Domino’s Pizza every day for ten years. It’s fair to say that the staff were familiar with their most loyal customer, Kirk. But when his daily orders suddenly stopped coming in, they raised the alarm. What happened to Kirk?

No more orders

Sarah Fuller, the Domino’s manager in Salem, tells Good Morning America that Kirk has always been a very loyal customer of her restaurant. “He places an order almost every evening about midnight. He orders online and when his name appears on the screen we think, ‘Oh, it’s Kirk’s order’.” But when Kirk’s orders stopped coming in, the Domino’s staff got a bad feeling.

Of course, someone can be gone for a few days. To visit family or to enjoy a holiday, for example. This was what the Domino’s staff members told themselves as well. However, after eleven days of radio silence the staff decided to investigate.

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