Pizza deliverers raise the alarm when they no longer get orders from their most loyal customer

Over to Kirk’s house

Over the years, the Domino’s staff got to know their client Kirk very well. He was known as a friendly and quiet man and the team knew that Kirk never went on long trips. After not hearing from him for eleven days, the staff started to worry. Sarah therefore decided to send one of her employees over to Kirk’s house.

Pizza deliverer Tracey Hamblen went over to the loyal customer’s house and saw that the lights were on. The deliverer could also hear the sound of the television. He knocked on the door several times, but Kirk did not open. He also tried calling his phone, but it went straight to voicemail.

Call 911

Tracey returned to the restaurant where he shared what he just saw with the rest of the team. Together they decided to call 911. “I need some help on what to do. It could be an emergency”, Tracey told the dispatcher.

After Tracey summarized the story, the dispatcher decided to contact the police in Marion County. The police  sent a unit over to Kirk’s house, where they knocked on the door and called the man’s name. To their surprise, they heard noises coming out of the house. It was Kirk who was calling for help.

To the hospital

The police entered the house and found Kirk lying on the floor. The police immediately called for an ambulance and Kirk was taken to the nearest hospital. It turned out that the loyal pizza chain customer had suffered a stroke. Fortunately, doctors in the hospital were able to stabilize his situation. Later on, they could tell that the man would fully recover.

The Domino’s staff was very happy to lean that Kirk was going to be all right. Not only does the Domino’s staff appreciate Kirk as a loyal customer, they also see him as a friend: assistant manager Jenny Seiber visited Kirk several times in the hospital.

This incident took place about four years ago, but it’s still an impressive story!

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Source: Good Morning America | Image: Videostill Good Morning America