Bizarre: rat climbs out of toilet and bites woman’s buttocks during bathroom visit


Imagine this happening to you!

No matter how busy you are, you probably expect to have a quiet moment when you go to the bathroom. Certainly when ‘number two’ has to find its way to the sewer, some people really need it. For a woman from the Dutch town of Assen, however, it wasn’t quiet at all…

Bitten by a rat

A woman from Assen, the Netherlands had a major shock a few months ago. While she was using the restroom , she was reportedly bitten by a rat that climbed out of the toilet bowl.

Rat problem

It wasn’t just the one woman, the entire neighbourhood reported rat infestations. The rats have been plaguing the residents for a long time and help from the housing corporation was of no avail to keep the rodents away. Now the residents are hoping that the municipality can do something about it, because they cannot keep up with the plague anymore.

Local residents are now also taking matters into their own hands. For example, one local resident fired shots to keep the rats away. Read more about this on the next page.

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