The Turbulent Life of Pamela Anderson

Last year, the relationship ended after two years. Pamela lashed out at her former toy boy on social media. Rami allegedly cheated on her and assaulted her, which led to a hospital visit.

“I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even open a bottle of water. They gave me injections so that I could fall asleep and rest. As a result, my hands recovered, but not long after that it happened again. I wasn’t allowed to drink without him, it was just like living in a prison. He said I needed help and he was very mean to me. The reason he dragged me around the room by my hair was because I had left our hotel to do a photo shoot with friends.”

She calls Rami a “monster”.

How did she end up at Baywatch?

By coincidence, Pamela worked as a fitness instructor in her native Canada, and as an anonymous enthusiast she sat in the stands at a Canadian football game. The camera zoomed in on the blonde fitness instructor, after which Pamela was applauded on the stadium’s big screen.

It seemed her appearance was enjoyed more than the match, which became an afterthought. Pamela was even escorted to the field and received a standing ovation. That day she wore a shirt with a print of the sponsor, Labatt.

The brewer did not hesitate for a moment and offered Pamela, who at that time did not look much like the blonde in the tight red bathing suit, a modeling contract. Soon after, she posed for Playboy, which launched her movie career. Pamela has had fourteen appearances in Playboy.

With the belief you can learn to act, she got her first role in the 1991 series, Home Improvement. This was followed by an audition for Baywatch, where, it is rumored, she showed up without a bra, to improve her chances. Mission accomplished: For the next five years she played the role of lifeguard, Casey Jean Parker, better known as C.J.


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