The Turbulent Life of Pamela Anderson

What has she achieved after Baywatch?

The odd role here and there: there was a single role in a series or movie like Scary Movie 3 and Borat, but she no longer takes acting very seriously. For a long time, she has been more into casual gigs – Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, Dancing on Ice … that kind of work. But that is over now, she stated last year. After the suicide of a contestant on the reality show, Love Island, she started a campaign to end the genre, particularly since it was rumored to be the 38th suicide attempt by a participant in a reality show. “Please, no more reality shows. It’s an epidemic of ugliness, superficial competitions. It’s exploitative and dangerous for the artist,” she wrote on social media. About her own participation in such programs: “You are usually forced to participate in this type of TV by agents who want to make their commission. In the end, you don’t get much money or pleasure out of it, and you feel used and dirty.” To come to terms with herself, she says she donated the money earned from reality shows to charity. “That’s how I forgive myself.”

What else is she doing?

Pamela is quite busy with charity work. She has her own foundation, the Pamela Anderson Foundation, and is involved with many other organizations. Almost all of them are involved with animals. Here are just a few: Pamela is on the board of Sea Shepherd, supporting PETA in their fight against fast food giant KFC, and fighting against trapping ocean dwellers such as dolphins and whales. According to her website, it is her day job. But she is not only concerned about the welfare of the animals. Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, can also count on her efforts. “He needs public support, and public opinion about him needs to be adjusted. There is so much nonsense being told about him, one has to realize that he is a person who fights for everyone.”

Last spring, she visited the whistleblower in a London prison. “He’s done nothing wrong, he’s an innocent person,” she said after the visit. “I love him. I can’t imagine how he must feel.” Pamela and Assange were introduced years ago by a mutual friend, a fashion designer.

“We talk about everything, not just politics,” she said in 2018.

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