Wow! This lady in wheelchair couldn’t access the building because of its stairs, but then she pushes a button…

wheelchair access

It’s incredible what a simple button can do!

Even though more and more buildings are wheelchair-accessible, not all public places are sufficiently adjusted to wheelchair users. Looking at the picture above, it might seem that the woman in the wheelchair can’t climb the stairs. There’s no ramp or elevator either! But watch what happens when she pushes the button…

This trick could make any building accessible for wheelchair users!


Most modern buildings are currently accessible for wheelchairs. There are specially designed ramps, elevators, flat sills and wider doors to make entering a little bit easier for everyone. However, many older buildings have not yet been adjusted and can be particularly hard to enter for wheelchair-users. Frequently, public buildings make use of rear entrances with ramps or even makeshift ramps. We can only imagine how inconvenient this may be!

Practical solution

This view was also held by a company called ‘All-good Trio’ . That’s why they started developing a solution to make any building accessible to everyone – without changing its exterior. It’s practically invisible, but it makes a huge difference for wheelchair-users.

Curious how they make the stairs wheelchair-accessible? Watch the video on the next page!

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