Wait, what? Woman puts her morning urine on her face every day for two weeks

face urine

Would you try this as part of your beauty routine?

Elaheh is an editor for the Thrillist website and decided to try out putting morning urine on your face every day. According to traditional and homeopathic medicine, morning urine can be beneficial for the treatment of various dermatological issues. Elaheh had been suffering from skin problems for many years and wanted to give the urine test a chance, no matter how disgusted she was by the thought of it.


The substance in the urine that works beneficially for the skin is called urea. The morning urine is extra nutrient-dense, since it has been able to absorb the nutrients all night. Elaheh started the experiment by collecting her morning urine and putting it on a cotton pad. She then rubbed it on her face. Surprisingly, it didn’t stink, but had a rather sweet smell.

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