Woman thinks she has kidney stones, but turns out to be pregnant with triplets

A woman in America thought she had problems with kidney stones, but after admission to hospital it turned out she was pregnant with triplets.

And that was quite a shock for Dannete Glitz from South Dakota. “I’ve had kidney stones before, but now I was in so much pain that I could only lie in bed. Even breathing hurt a lot.” After a urine test in the hospital, it turned out that Glitz did not have kidney stones – she was pregnant.

The ultrasound showed that she was actually 34 weeks pregnant. The doctor also heard two heartbeats. So, the Glitz family had to prepare for the birth of twins. They didn’t have a lot of time for that because Danette was already four centimeters dilated.


The doctors immediately took action and opted for a caesarean section. One of the babies was in the breech position. “Baby A is a boy and baby B is a girl,” the doctor shouted. “We need another blanket, because there’s another one here.”

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