From fame to working a 9-to-5: The struggles of being a D-listed celebrity

Not every celebrity stays famous forever. We almost didn’t believe the things some D-listed celebs had to do after their fame… 21 celebrities who’ve taken on surprising career paths: remember ‘Ice Ice Baby’? Vanilla Ice and other celebs who’ve taken on regular jobs.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have to work regular jobs just like the rest of us, even if they were once famous. Whether they’re trying to make ends meet after their fame has dwindled or just looking for something to do in their downtime, many celebrities have taken on 9 to 5 jobs at some point in their lives.

For example, do you remember the popular child show ‘The Sweet Life of Zac and Cody’? Or the television show ‘Two And A Half Men’? Well, even if these actors seemed to have their career path all worked out, appearances can be deceiving…  Even the once-famous rapper Vanilla Ice, known for his song ‘Ice Ice Baby’, has taken on a variety of jobs that will definitely leave you speechless. Some celebs even went from a thriving acting career, to working at starbucks or worse: committing crimes…

So quickly continue reading, because we have selected the 21 most well known celebrities who took a bizarre turn in their career path. We admit that it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just normal people who have to work hard to make a living, even if they’ve had their time in the spotlight. So next time you see a celebrity working a 9 to 5 job, don’t be surprised – they’re just like the rest of us!