Mother falls to her knees in shock after buying this decoration in a thrift shop

She never expected to find this inside the decoration

American Priscilla Bailey had no clue what was going to happen when she bought a decoration in a thrift shop in the city of Plymouth. Her daughter, Kat, had warned her about the decoration, but it was already too late. Once the mother got a better look at the decoration, she saw something that made her fall to her knees in shock.

What started as a normal trip to the thrift shop ended in a wild story for Priscilla. Curious to know the whole story?


Priscilla and Kat love shopping, and especially love going to thrift stores. Spending hours in thrift shops and finding the weirdest items to take home is what Priscilla loves most. There are lots of hidden gems to be found if you look carefully. One of these gems is something she found on her last thrifting adventure, and something she would much rather return as soon as possible. 


Priscilla could have never imagined what was going to happen during her trip to the thrift store. She roamed through the local thrift shop in Plymouth and did her usual rounds. The aisle with home accessories was her favorite. That’s where she found most of her prized purchases. These are often cheap finds. But this cheap purchase wasn’t what Priscilla had initially expected to find.