This waitress is shocked when she finds out who this homeless person actually is

homeless person

The woman was in complete shock

Cindy, from Canada, decided to feed the homeless man who lives near her workplace. 

She is a friendly woman and she saw that the man was going through some heart times, something Cindy couldn’t stomach. To her it was an ordinary act of kindness, but for the homeless guy it was much more than that.

When Cindy found out who this person was, she was in complete shock. She never expected that her ordinary act of kindness would go on to have so many consequences. Continue reading to read all about this amazing story.

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The homeless person

Cindy worked as a waitress in a restaurant and walked the same route to work every day. For a while, she always saw a homeless person sitting in the same spot, near her work. No matter what the weather was like, he always sat in the same spot with a lonely look in his eyes.

Cindy thought the man always looked very lonely. Still, the man himself didn’t seem to mind. He was always in a good mood and smiling at everyone who passed by. In fact, he never asked for help or money. All he wanted was to chat. Cindy thought this was admirable but also thought the man was keeping his real feelings to himself.

zwerver restaurant

Little respect

The reason Cindy thought this was because she’d seen that not everyone was always nice to him. She had often seen people walking past him without even looking at him. She sometimes even noticed that an entire day would go by without a single person stopping to chat with the man. In fact, it sometimes even happened that people laughed at the man. Cindy also once had saw a group of boys spit into the man’s cup. Something Cindy had a hard time seeing and understanding.