Man finds a pit bull tied to a tree and reads the letter lying next to it

The man makes an interesting discovery when he reads the letter next to the dog

Eric Maus’ ordinary walk in the park took an interesting turn. He could have never imagined this happening…


A dream

As a screenwriter, Eric travels the whole world. Someone who lives life to the fullest is one way to describe him. He visits numerous interesting countries to write stories about them, but when he’s in his home country, what he enjoys most is taking long walks in the park. All of Eric’s dreams have always come true except for one which was impossible.

He loves dogs but having his own just wasn’t possible. When you’re away from home as often as Eric, it’s simply not an option. Dogs are great but they need lots of attention. And unfortunately, not everyone realizes this.

Feeling sad

Ever since he was young, it’s been Eric’s dream to be the proud owner of a loyal man’s-best-friend. This dream of taking care of a dog often left him feeling down. Whenever Eric came across dog owners with their furry friends in the park, he felt a wave of sadness come over him. He even found himself at the pet store from time to time, but always decided to walk away empty-handed.

To help lessen that feeling of sorrow, Eric spent a lot of time in the animal shelter. Here he could be surrounded by the loving animals and even feel like he had his own dog for a while. It helped him get over the feeling of wanting his own dog when he was there, but the minute he sat down on the couch at home, the feeling came back. What could he do to be happy even though he’d never be able to have his own dog because of his work?

Lots of thought

Should he quit his work as a screenwriter? It would be a shame considering how hard he’s worked for it. His job pays extremely well and allows him to travel around the whole world. But is work that important that you should let it hold you back from making your dreams come true? These were questions that were always on Eric’s mind.

Eric could spend hours thinking about his future. While he’s working, there’s no doubt in his mind that he loves his job. When he’s lying in the park and sees dog owners with their dogs however, he starts to wonder. Having a dog would make him happier than anything. Is having lots of money and trips around the world really worth it?